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What is etfbook about?

It is a user-friendly platform to extract information and know-how about exchange traded funds and their benchmark indices. It empowers you with a set of tools to search, analyze and share the merits of ETFs. You can share your experience or spread the latest news.

Who is etfbook for?

It is a multi-user platform to satisfy a variety of needs, from basic to complex ones. If you are new to the ETFs, you can find educational contents or you can find and follow your favorite ETFs. If you are professional, etfbook provides you with broad and granular data as well as analytic tools to explore the rapidly expanding book of global ETFs.

Why use etfbook?

It is a multi-purpose platform to connect you with the expanding world of ETFs. The broad coverage of global ETFs with unique classification schemes and purposeful analytic tools allow you to easily explore a wealth of opportunities in the global market of ETFs, across asset classes. Intuitive design and high level of personalization is purpose-built to make you stay in the know.

Why to register?

Each page of the etfbook puts together three elements: fund, benchmark and exchange where the ETFs trade. Once put together, you can conveniently look for related opportunities along these dimensions.

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